Divide and Conquer

The United States Government is attempting to take away all of our freedoms by using the divide and conquer method. They created an environment of fear and then told us all to stay away from our friends, family, and then our workplaces. We have had all of our freedoms reduced to only the bare movements. People are committing suicide, domestic violence is on the rise, child abuse cases have increased, and violent criminals are being released from jails and prisons. People in hospitals and nursing homes are being murdered. People who die of any cause are being listed as Covid-19 deaths. The government has created food shortages, shortages of medical supplies, and other household items; these items aren’t really in short supply, it is just a form of control. People are losing their minds. People were not created to be alone.
The Government has an agenda, Bill Gates has an agenda. Dr.Fauci has an agenda. The news media has an agenda.
Stand Up America