Homeless Veterans

The Few, The Proud, The Forgotten

War Veterans: A war veteran is someone who has left their homes, their families, their cultures, their countries to go to a foreign land and fight for freedom, and human rights. There are a few who never see the front lines of battle but they are still separated from those they love for years. This is the sacrifice they make for their country and their fellow countrymen and women.
Many of them return home injured – Mentally and physically. Some return home to find they are divorced, or to children they have never met because they were born while they were overseas.

What do we do for them? Vietnam Veterans were spit on when they returned from the war. Those soldiers returning from wars in the most recent years were touted as heroes and then forgotten. These are soldiers returning from war, some have lost limbs, some have lost families, some saw their friends and comrades die in front of their eyes, most have emotional scars that the rest of the country can’t even imagine. Where are these soldiers now? Many of the older soldiers are in homes, forgotten, or they are living alone somewhere with nothing but the memories of war and being spit on. Many soldiers are living on the streets in the very country they fought for.

Veteran Assistance Program
The VA has failed many of our soldiers by not giving them the proper assistance, and respect. Many soldiers have fell by the wayside awaiting VA assistance and treatment. The suicide rate among veterans is higher than any other group. Substance abuse is higher among veterans than any other group.